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Image by Lysander Yuen

Upcoming Tours

2023 Thanksgiving

Aloha Volleyball Invitational

October 7th - October 15th, 2023

Image by Vince Fleming

For several years, Encore in conjunction with its Hawaiian volleyball contacts has run an indoor volleyball tournament in Waikiki with Canadian and Hawaiian teams participating. 

A superb combination of cultural activities, beach days, hiking and shopping makes this week long adventure a fabulous memory for the student athletes

Image by Markus Spiske

2023 Pre-Christmas

Aloha Basketball Invitational

December 15th - December 23rd, 2023

The Aloha Basketball Invitational in Oahu is an opportunity for Girls and Boys Basketball teams to play a minimum of 3 games against Hawaiian teams. 

High School Basketball Game

2023 Post Christmas in California

SoCal Holiday Classic

December 26th 2023 - January 2nd, 2024

The SoCal Holiday Classic in California is an opportunity for Sr. Boys and Sr. Girls Varsity Basketball teams to play against teams from the Western US Seaboard. 

Hawaii 2024 Spring Break

Aloha Sports Festival

March 7th - March 17th, 2024*

March 14th - March 24th, 2024*

*Dates are flexible


The Aloha Sports Festival in Oahu is an opportunity for Canadian soccer, volleyball basketball and rugby teams to combine athletic activities with all the culture and beauty the Hawaiian Islands have to offer. 

Spring breaks occur over different periods in the month of March, which is why the festival is often dictated by the specific spring break of each province. Tournaments, round robins and exhibition matches are available during the two to three week period. 

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